About us

In late 2015, we had just an idea and passion for coffee. But all great stories start like that. Fast forward, through endless cups of coffees and days and nights filled with discussions, planning and beans counting and Inbox Coffee is here ready for you! We are dedicated to show you the world of specialty coffee, improve a quality of the coffee prepared at Czech households and have fun on the way.

Our team


Andrej, Ruby on Rails developer based in Prague, is spending his time in startups helping amazing stuff happen. He is also drinking accessive amounts of coffee through day so it was no accident when together with Peter they founded Inbox Coffee back in 2016.


Darina found specialty coffee on coffee festival just couple years ago. In our team she took care of social and transitioned into caring about whole platform together with Andrej.


Lukas fell in love with specialty coffee already in 2010, later established Dos Mundos roastery and started to purchase coffee beans directly from farmers. As a head roaster at Inbox Coffee he knows that continuous learning is essential part of the world of specialty coffee. That’s why he puts all his effort to deliver better and better coffees every time you order from us.


Petr couldn't pass without notice rapidly growing popularity of specialty coffee in South East Asia and Japan. Inspired by coffee subscription phenomen in USA, he rolled up his sleeves and together with Andrej launched Inbox Coffee in 2016. Nowadays busy on his other projects, he still acts as our advisor.

Cut-off date for a current order cycle: Tuesday August 06. We will roast our coffee for you on Tuesday and ship it on Wednesday morning.